Creative Barkly is a three-year research project looking at arts and creativity across the Barkly Region. Our aim is to understand how artistic and creative activities contribute to social and economic development in Barkly communities and the Region as a whole.

The project will deliver information back to the Region that will be helpful in planning the future of arts across the Barkly. Planning and partnership building for this project has been happening over the past six years and has involved many discussions and consultations with artists, elders, organisations, and community arts workers.

We will be doing surveys and interviews with artists and creative producers across the Barkly throughout 2017–2018 to hear your stories. If you live or work in the Barkly, please consider filling out our online survey.

Download the Creative Barkly Preliminary Report (1.3MB .PDF file) to see early findings from over  100 surveys with artists and creative producers in the Barkly region.


Visual arts, performing arts, craft, literature, media and advertising, design … whatever you’re into, we’d love to hear about it.

All arts and creative practices are included

If you do arts or creative things in the Barkly, please take some time to fill out our survey. You’ll go in the draw to win a brand new iPad!

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